Sawdust pellets

Sawdust pellets

Sawdust pellets are a fuel made of sawdust compressed under high pressure and forced through screen holes. This is a heating process that causes the colloids in the sawdust to melt and stick together, forming sawdust pellets with a shiny surface.


Sawdust pellets are one of the industrial fuels with high density and are produced with a low moisture content (less than 10 %) allowing them to burn with high efficiency. High compression ratios also help us store and transport them over long distances easily.

Sawdust pellets are a stable source of energy and significantly reduce carbon emissions when compared to other forms of fossil energy. It also brings environmental and social benefits.


The price is cheaper than other fuels.
Obtains high heat
Convenient transportation due to small size
Simple to use, easy to clean
Save storage space
Does not pollute the air or environment (due to not using additives in the production process)
Utilize the ash as clean fertilizer…

Scope of use of sawdust tablets

Lining barns and farms (chickens, horses, cows, goats…)
Used in heating equipment systems such as fireplaces (replacing electricity, coal, oil, firewood…)
Used in combustion equipment in industrial and civil sectors
Laundry in the garment factory
Steaming, drying, pasteurization, sterilization in food and beverage factories.
Confectionery factory, paper factory, textile dyeing factory…
Drying wood, drying foam, drying fish meal and animal feed, steaming bamboo and rattan.
Wine making system.
Cooking systems, industrial kitchens
Four-season heated swimming pool, hot water network for amusement parks, hotel restaurants, schools, and rehabilitation areas
Sauna and massage system
System for making pho, vermicelli, wet cakes and other foods.

Depending on the price of raw materials and different times, sawdust pellets or firewood pressed from sawdust will have different prices, however, we always have raw materials and are stocked in large quantities, so the price policy Our company’s sawdust wood pellets are always stable to help businesses feel secure in using our wood pellets.



You want to minimize fuel costs
You want to ensure the health of yourself and your workers
You want to use fuel that burns stably for a long time
You want an environmentally friendly fuel source
You want the right fuel for your boiler


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